David, the Founder and head honcho. He began the business in 1980 and his love for photography has never waned. Since that first time in the darkroom and watching the image magically appear he was hooked. His goal has been to raise the level of wedding photography to an art form. Studying with master photographers from around the world, experimenting with ideas that are constantly swirling around in his head, and studying the human form have helped define his own style and achieve his goal of turning weddings into works of art.

He has been conferred the coveted Master of Photography degree by the Professional Photographers of America. He has had 54 of his images chosen for exhibition at PPofA Imaging Expos and 9 of his images have traveled worldwide in PPofA’s Traveling Loan Collection, an honored reserved to the top 1 percent of all images accepted for exhibition.

His style is always being refined and honed. Perfection can never be attained but it is always being sought after. When you choose David and his Dream Team you can be assured that your wedding photography is in the hands of the very best.

Nancy is my taskmaster and wife who makes sure everything goes smoothly and that I do not forget anything. She is a master poser, especially with large groups and is also keeps things moving extremely fast. No bride wants to remember her wedding day as a photo session, so having Nancy around is a necessity to keep those dreaded posed photographs from taking too long. She has been with me from the very beginning and supported me 100 percent from the very start of this business. She is every man’s dream.

Heather is the greatest second shooter I have ever seen. She will be with you during that precious sensitive preparation time as well as the rest of the day. Her background of 18 years in ballet gives her an uncanny sense of style and grace. Her eye for detail and timing is phenomenal. With a job description to make the ordinary extraordinary she never ceases to amaze. You never know she is around and seem to never see her working but week after week her work blows me away. All I can say is WOW!

Debbie, our office manager, sees to the day-to-day operations of the studio. She is generally the first voice you’ll hear when you call; and truly a pleasant voice she has. Debbie also serves as our chief album designer. Her background in graphic design and interior design gives her that unique eye when it comes to designing the story of your day. She gives special attention to each wedding, weaving your images into a beautifully graphically designed story that you’ll be able to re-live over and over again.